Recognizing signs that your office needs to update its tech
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Recognizing signs that your office needs to update its tech

By , Product Manager, Ericom Software

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Keeping up with the latest technology may seem like a hassle for an executive untrained in IT, but it is essential to keeping the business running efficiently. According to the Age, it isn't necessary to lead the pack step by step when it comes to tech innovation, but executives should find a middle ground that is comfortable for employees and the IT team to support. No business wants to bring up the rear when it comes to the latest technological innovations, and recognizing when and where to upgrade it just as important as knowing how to upgrade.

There are certain signs that executives and IT decision-makers must recognize when a business needs to improve its technology, according to the news source. These indicators will not only help the company be more efficient, but potentially get an edge on the competition as well.

Forgetting how a system works

All technology has a shelf life, some longer than others. If employees are forgetting how certain systems work, this may be the clearest sign the technology is outdated and in need of an upgrade. This can include everything from an obsolete operating system to a printer no one uses. Relying on outdated technology is not only inefficient, it can also result in wasted operating costs.

Not in the cloud

A business that doesn't use the cloud for at least some services, according the news source, is badly out of touch with today's tech. Even if it's just a communications upgrade, the cloud provides almost vital services for a company that wants to make workflow as efficient as possible, such as improved document sharing, faster communications and more. With cloud-based tools, a business can simplify general operations and improve collaboration among employees. Eventually, workers are not only more productive, but producing higher quality work as well.

Denying BYOD

Telling employees they cannot bring their own devices to work is another sign that the company may need to catch up with the times. A BYOD solution allows a business to reduce IT costs, improve employee satisfaction and productivity and adopt newer tech without actually having to pay for hardware.

In order to quickly achieve a technology update, a business may want to look for a solution that provides support for various trends but doesn't cost an arm and a leg. One such solution is virtualization.

Desktop virtualization solutions allow a business to eliminate costly maintenance for some machines, centralize its data to one location and increase security while permitting remote working and BYOD. Virtualization can help a company keep up with the changing times and reap the rewards of the latest technology, providing a business with the tools it needs to support evolving tech trends.

Industry news brought to you by Ericom Software, leaders in Industry IT solutions.

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