Giving ERP Solutions Added Value
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Giving ERP Solutions Added Value

By , Product Manager, Ericom Software

In today's competitive corporate world, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions such as SAP Business One have become an integral part of the business toolkit. Integrating a variety of applications together in one resource, ERP solutions are increasingly vital for businesses to efficiently store and manage data, giving a real-time view of a company's progress. Breakthroughs and developments in cloud computing and access technologies have further enhanced the advantages of ERP solutions.

Because they allow users to access files and information from all devices, the boom in cloud-based solutions has made critical SAP and other ERP-based data accessible anywhere. There are some excellent products available which give multiple users the chance to access your company's systems from wherever they may be. Ericom AccessNow for example keeps data at the fingertips of your employees, so long as they are using an HTML5-compatible device. In fact, it is suitable for any HTML5 enabled browser on almost any platform, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iPad / iPad mini, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Chromebook, and more.

This kind of product, by fusing ERP solutions with cloud-based technology, gives employees working around the world and around the clock access to operational, sales and other financial / operational tools instantly in a secure environment using a PC, tablet or other devices.

In fact, this combination not only makes BYOD initiatives a reality, but it actually makes it a preferred method of working, simplifying the whole process for small and large work teams alike. AccessNow for example does not require any special software on the client machine. Following initial configuration, there is no additional IT overhead associated with integrating it into SAP Business One or other ERP solutions. By using a universal system, businesses benefit from lower costs via lower helpdesk and IT overheads. Because it streamlines working systems and protocols, it should also lead to increased productivity. Employees around the world can access ERP and other centrally-hosted Windows applications instantly. As a result, it is likely to provide a smooth, efficient and consistent process for your customers.

If you use SAP Business One (or another ERP solution), adding access technology or cloud computing to your business toolbox will mean that your employees can move at the speed of business today. Even ERP resellers can benefit from adding technology such as AccessNow to their current product offering. It represents the next step in cloud computing and is specifically designed with SMB clients in mind. It could give you a crucial competitive business edge.

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