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Welcome to the Ericom AccessNow Live Demo Site.

To try AccessNow, click on any of the buttons below using an HTML5 compatible web browser or Google Chromebook.
Desktop Demo  Full Virtual Desktop
EXCEL Demo  Excel
WORD Demo  Word
TE Demo  Terminal Emulation
IE Demo  Internet Explorer
  • This site is a free public server, demonstrating the capabilities of Ericom AccessNow.
  • To use AccessNow in production or commercially, or to schedule a demo, contact
  • Click here for a quote, or visit
  • When you are done, please logout* of any web pages, such as Gmail, before disconnecting your session.

The following enhanced features are in the commercial version of Ericom AccessNow:
  • Printing
  • File Transfer (Upload and Download)
  • Clipboard
  • Audio
  • URL Redirection
  • Customizable user interface
  • And more...

Private Use
For private usage of AccessNow, please email and include contact information.

  • Users should have no expectation of privacy when using this demo.
  • Any active session containing inappropriate content or consuming high resources will be terminated without notice.
  • This server may become unavailable for maintenance without advance notice.